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Home for creating solutions.

Combining minds to create solutions for the momentary and future obstacles is our goal.

Let´s be smart together to create a sustainable balance for us and our earth. Challenging the momentary lapse of reason, which is for some the way to go, can be devistating from time to time. It might seem like a too big challenge to change the circumstances into a more pleasant journey.

Let us be confident in our possibilites to analyse the stacks of uncomfortability piece by piece!

Deriving desired destinations and building suitable solutions to bring us to the place of our wishes might be the way for you and us to go.


Fairytales of a sustainable agricutlture are told, but if we look closely we see the massive landgrabbing of huge farms, pesticides inserted on our food and into the earth and loats of swimmingpools emptied on open fields.

Therefore we build an easy to use caregiver for plants. Let´s reduce our impact on mother earth and increase the taste of our food.

Build up your virtual home, order your Florator and take the lead in the paradigm shift of our foodproduction.


We are not politicians, legal scholars or members of the health care research community. And yet we understand that mental illnesses are not taken nearly as seriously as they need to be!
And many of those who suffer from mental illness simply want to have someone they can trust and who will not drop them or have to drop them because of bureaucratic formalities.

We want to take this mediation into our own hands!


We continue to develop solution for the current and emerging fields showing up.

Would you like a specific obstacle seen solutions made for? Contribute, and we analyse the stack of uncomfortability piece by piece.

Together we derive towards the desired destinations and build suitable solutions to bring us to the place of our wishes.
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